This page is here to provide a resource bank for site users, which, hopefully, will grow to contain song lyrics, useful guitar tutorials, tunes in manuscript form, tips on alternate tunings, and a whole lot of other stuff that users may find of value. To make the page as democratic and versatile as possible, please feel free to contribute anything which you feel may be of interest to other users. To do this, simply email your link or file to, for upload onto the page. Please make sure that anything you submit is in the Public Domain and is not subject to copyright.

An interesting YouTube tutorial on Percussive Fingerstyle techniques
Josefin's Waltz, played on Nickelharper
Get the Music for Josefin's waltz here
Lyrics for Green Grows the Laurel
Lovely new song, written by Kate Rusby, called 'Hunter Moon'
Here's a really useful tutorial on phrasing for the guitar A really useful and massive collection of Irish songs and lyrics from the Clare County Library, Thanks Hilary!